Questionnaire for Instagram promotion

Please fill out the form and describe in detail your target audience. Tell us what kind of people the ad will be targeted to and which followers you want to attract to your account.

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Contact information:

Further interaction on your project will take place in a separate Facebook community. We will contact you there and give feedback on the questionnaire.

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Promotion tafiff and advertising budget:

For each social network - a separate tariff and advertising budget.

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More about tariffs

! VAT (value added tax) can be automatically added to the amount of the advertising budget. In different countries it is different, you can specify information on the tax rate in your country

In different countries it is different, you can specify information on the tax rate in your country

General information about goods/services:

This information will help us target ads to potential clients.

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Step 4 - 6

Please note: the videos must meet the requirements of Facebook and be of good quality: Stories - vertically 9:16, in mp4 format, for feed - 1:1 or 4:5.
* Option available from tariff 2 and higher.

The effectiveness of promotion using creatives is 1.5-3 times higher compared to posts in the feed.

Target audience:

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Your Instagram promotion experience:

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Extra services and cost:

We will develop for you advertising creatives that will be understandable to the audience and will give more results from advertising. More details:

To effectively promote your services, your profile needs to be prepared for advertising. At the consultation, we will analyze:

  • how to arrange an account;
  • how to optimize sales through social networks and what is needed for this;
  • what barriers the audience is facing and how to correctly set communication in the account.
More details:


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